Евгений Патаракин (y_pat) wrote in iatp_nn,
Евгений Патаракин

Scratch для нижегородцев и всех любителей кошек

Scratch is a new programmable toolkit that enables kids to create their own games, animated stories, and interactive art -- and share their creations with one another over the Net. Scratch builds on the tradition of Logo and LEGO/Logo, but takes advantage of new computational ideas to make it easier to get started with programming (lowering the floor) and extend the range of what kids can create and learn (raising the ceiling).

Вниманию iatp_nn и lyubitelisoobsh

Scratch is designed especially for youth at Computer Clubhouses, an international network of after-school centers in low-income communities. The Scratch project aims to create a programming culture at Computer Clubhouses, empowering youth (ages 10-16) to express themselves fluently and creatively with new technologies.

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